Due Diligence Matters – October 2022 Bulletin

Quentin Thom

Co-Founder & Co-Head, perfORM

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perfORM celebrates its three-year anniversary!

A thank you

Our core focus is our clients. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our clients for their support, repeat business and wide variety of engagements over the last three years; we hope our Operational Risk Mitigation (the ORM in perfORM) approach has provided much-needed solutions. Thank you!

Please contact us to discuss how we might work with you. Click here to listen to a recent Alt Funds Investment Podcast on ODD.

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What does perfORM look like today?

A three-year-old, eight-person, multi-jurisdictional practitioner-led ODD business with 85+ years of collective ODD experience.

Our extensive global client list includes Investment Managers, Family Offices / Multi-family Offices, Private Banks, Wealth Managers, Funds of Funds, Asset Managers, Pensions, Endowments, Service Providers, Platforms and Virtual Asset Service Providers. As a result, we have a large bank of ODD Reports readily accessible and covering a wide range of strategies.

From day one, we have applied a laser-like focus to client service which has ensured high levels of satisfaction, trust and strong partnerships.

What’s next?

We continue to implement our vision of liberating ODD across all asset classes, from long only to crypto, and to all participants, including Allocators, Investment Managers, Service Providers and even sports teams. Our journey over the last three years, and what we have learned from it, has inspired us to roll out a pioneering ODD Report solution, whereby:

  • perfORM is engaged directly by Investment Managers or Service Providers to perform an ODD review and write the detailed accompanying ODD Report.
  • We do not award a ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ but provide a hierarchical assessment of operational risks; the client will only complete a factual accuracy check of the ODD Report before issue.
  • perfORM’s ODD Reports can be distributed, via password, through our IT portal to all the client’s chosen contacts, who can then download a copy, free of charge.

As a result, in addition to this bulletin, which we hope our readers find informative and relevant, we expect to commence circulation of our new ODD Report solution for Investment Manager and Service Provider clients in the near future.

We have two additional hires planned; either or both could be US-based.

Finally, our partnership with Diligend is now being integrated and will shortly allow us to further digitalise our ODD data collection, analysis and reporting for clients, and to offer our clients a customisable portal. The platform will bring speed and efficiency and allow us to further scale up, whilst maintaining the high level of service we are known for.

Has anything been unexpected?

The speed of our growth has been both humbling and exciting. We have been delighted to be able to laterally apply our ODD skill set to the sports industry and to have the pleasure of working with an F1 team. We hope third party ODD will soon become a more recognised practice in sports.

We look forward to the next three years!

What have you learnt along the way?

Three things:

  1. To proactively cover, and research where relevant, all established and emerging asset classes for the benefit of our client
  2. To be sympathetic and empathetic and help Investment Managers and Service Providers improve and evolve their operational environment
  3. That our clients and staff benefit from a range of ODD solutions keeping us, intellectually, both cutting edge but also super fit

What does your future with JTC look like?

As we integrate further as a business into JTC, and develop our understanding of the variety of services and solutions offered by JTC globally, we expect to be able to add value for JTC’s clients,
while continuing to provide the core ODD services perfORM has made its name from.


We are delighted to announce that we have been named ‘Best Global Independent ODD Services Provider 2022’ at this year’s Wealth & Finance Fund Awards.