Operational Due Diligence Recap 2022

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Our flexible Operational Due Diligence (“ODD”) work, and coverage, continues to grow rapidly.

Our first-year closes as a JTC Group Company and has generated 250% year on year growth. We are now an eight-person, multi-jurisdictional practitioner-led ODD business with 85+ years of collective ODD experience.

perfORM’s clients are global and diverse including: Investment Managers, Family Offices / Multi-Family Offices, Private Banks, Wealth Managers, Fund of Funds, Asset Managers, Pensions, Endowments, Service Providers, Virtual Asset Service Providers, and Sports Teams. Our services extend across hedge, private equity and credit, real estate, direct lending, venture capital, crypto, and long only.

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Alongside a panel of industry experts, we discussed some of the biggest questions raised by the seismic events of the past month, including:

  • Will FTX’s 1.2 million customers, over 80,000 in the UK alone, ever be able to recover their funds?
  • What has happened to the funds stolen in the FTX hack?
  • How far will the ‘crypto contagion’ spread and what does this mean for the industry?
  • How can future risk be mitigated?
  • How are regulators responding and could the collapse have been prevented by greater coordination between them?
  • How is the industry responding?

Click here for a webinar replay and here to read our experience with FTX.


Recent events (including FTX) and a challenging ‘crypto winter’ market environment have served as a stark reminder to sports teams of the critical importance of transparency and robust due diligence to mitigate the reputational risk of bad actor association, plus financial loss suffered by them, and their fan base, as a result. ODD is an essential, new tool to sports.

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5 Reasons you should perform Investment Manager ODD – click here

The most obvious consequence of an investor failing to perform robust ODD is direct financial loss, but there are other situations that could prove equally problematic.

Investor Protection – click here

Nearly twenty years ago, two US journalists, Arvielund and Ocrant, published separate articles questioning the legitimacy of Madoff Securities, an investment business run by Bernard L. Madoff.

Who needs ODD? – click here

The simplest answer to the question “Who needs Operational Due Diligence?” is “Who doesn’t?”

Protecting your reputation – click here

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it,” said Warren Buffett, “If you think about that you’ll do things differently.”


Scheduling an impromptu mid-month call is easy when you’re crushing your benchmark and want to put uneasy, information-starved investors at ease. But precious few digital assets-focused hedge and venture capital firms have been in that fortunate position lately.

They’re facing, instead, the onerous, come-to-Jesus undertaking of owning up to many, many errors: disproportionately relying on FTX custody, employing far too much leverage and doubling down on bets — that would turn out to be disastrous — in round after round.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

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