WEBINAR - Due Diligence: Taking a different approach

James Newman

Co-Founder & Co-Head, perfORM

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Join experts from perfORM Due Diligence Services and Dasseti for a webinar on Wednesday June 21, 2023 at 9:00 ET / 14:00 BST

What will we cover?

Is there a better way to approach due diligence? Our panel of experts will cover the way forward-thinking firms look at due diligence differently, taking it from a box checking exercise to an integral part of the risk management and compliance function.

Who will find this useful?

  • Asset owners that need to perform operational or investment due diligence on managers for selection, or ongoing monitoring.
  • Consultants providing OCIO or investment advisory services.
  • Managers that are the subject of regular or enhanced due diligence exercises or looking for ways to perform due diligence on portfolio companies or third party service providers
    Expert Panel.