Not just another tick in a box: a new approach to ODD.
A pragmatic solution for Investment Managers and Service Providers, which engage perfORM to complete an ODD review.

The resulting ODD report will be available to all their chosen clients and prospects, significantly reducing the amount of time spent managing inbound due diligence requests.

In depth responses to extensive questions brings increased levels of scrutiny on the main operational ‘pillars’, including operational infrastructure, service providers, systems, people, governance, regulation, fund terms, trading, valuation and liquidity.

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perfORM provides a comprehensive ODD Report which can be distributed to all chosen clients and prospects. The Report is updated and re-issued annually or semi-annually, to ensure that it remains up-to-date. We target a 6-week turnaround, and our ODD process is significantly less onerous and time consuming compared to a data-heavy, sample-based controls audit. Clients need only allow for interviews with key staff and document provision.

The ODD Report aims to help the Client:

  • Meet the ODD demands of clients and prospects in a proactive, efficient and impactful way, significantly reducing the amount of time spent managing inbound due diligence requests
  • Enable enquiring parties to complete their work more efficiently, enhancing client relationships
  • Provide an impactful demonstration of the institutional ‘readiness’ and willingness to reach, and remain at, operational best practice


A new approach

Type ‘due diligence’ into Google and in less than half a second, 95 million results appear. For ‘operational due diligence’ (ODD), the results decrease by 99.7%. Read our ‘A new approach to Operational Due Diligence’ thought leadership article, here. 

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