Service providers face a number of ODD challenges, including the huge resource burden of managing multiple due diligence enquiries.

Institutional firms wishing to access service providers bring with them increasing levels of scrutiny of AML procedures, operational infrastructure, systems, people, governance and regulation through increasing RFP and DDQ demands.

For the Service Provider, this requires multiple responses, multiple teams, time and cost, without which there is a risk of losing business should the Service Provider not respond or partially respond.


  • We assist with selecting, monitoring and improving the services received from service providers
  • Addressing regulators’ concerns over the effectiveness of service provider oversight
  • Renegotiation of existing terms and arrangements
  • We offer reviews and reports on all service providers, e.g., fund administrator, custodian, lender/prime broker, IT provider, compliance consultant/regulatory host, virtual asset service providers (crypto exchanges, crypto custodians etc).


  • Service Providers are often frustrated by the level of understanding and knowledge of their prospective clients, leading to delays in completing due diligence and potentially losing business as a result.
  • perfORM, whose team has many years’ experience of working with institutional clients, provides a bridge between the Service Provider and the prospective client, bringing clarity and understanding.
  • perfORM is a leading firm engaging in these due diligence exercises on behalf of Investment Managers and Allocators. These reviews often require an NDA, with the target Service Provider restricting the recycling of our report to other clients, and requiring the Service Provider to go through the ODD process once again.
  • For the Service Provider, the current process is repetitive, time consuming (up to three months) and inefficient for all parties. Furthermore, target Service Providers are not able to access perfORM’s ODD Reports, since it is the client that pays for this intellectual property.

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