Due diligence and monitoring on your service providers – time for an ODD practitioner-led approach?

With such a range of SPs and associated operational risks, the already-busy C-suite can engage perfORM to deliver a ‘Third Party Service Provider Due Diligence Report’. The benefits of working with us include:

> Timely delivery. We aim to deliver our reports in six to eight weeks.

> Relevant reports. We work with our clients to understand their risk appetite and ensure that the scope of the report is relevant. As a result, the report can be a useful tool in the decision-making process regarding whether to appoint, terminate, renegotiate with or extend the role and services of the SP.

> Cost-efficiency. Our clients only pay for what they consume, i.e. a unit price rather than a subscription fee.

> Access to our expertise and our many years of experience performing independent due diligence on SPs. SPs also benefit from this, which streamlines the process, as our level of understanding reduces the amount of the SP’s time and resource required to complete the due diligence.

> Inclusion of enhanced background checks on entities and key individuals, covering ultimate beneficial ownership, regulatory screening, media coverage, and criminal history.

Please contact us for a sample Third Party Service Provider Due Diligence Report.


  • We assist with selecting, monitoring and improving the services received from service providers
  • Addressing regulators’ concerns over the effectiveness of service provider oversight
  • Renegotiation of existing terms and arrangements
  • We offer reviews and reports on all service providers including: fund administrators, custodians, lenders / prime brokers, exchanges, banks, IT (hardware and software), compliance / regulatory consultants, hosts / platforms, data providers, lawyers, insurers, HR, payroll, tax, audit, background check services, etc. In addition, there are vendors who produce alternative data sets and, in turn, bring risks including: data compliance (privacy and personally identifiable information (PII) regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA), licensing and IP liability resulting from activities, such as web scraping.


  • Service Providers are often frustrated by the level of understanding and knowledge of their prospective clients, leading to delays in completing due diligence and potentially losing business as a result.
  • perfORM, whose team has many years’ experience of working with institutional clients, provides a bridge between the Service Provider and the prospective client, bringing clarity and understanding.
  • perfORM is a leading firm engaging in these due diligence exercises on behalf of Investment Managers and Allocators. 

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