Due Diligence Matters – July 2023 Bulletin

perfORM Due Diligence Services is an award-winning, multijurisdictional Operational Due Diligence solutions provider with 90+ years of collective ODD experience. We will shortly be welcoming an additional two team members.

Please click here for a replay of our recent webinar discussing the use of technology in ODD.

ODD Report Solution

Our ODD Report Solution is not just another tick in a box, it is a new approach to operational due diligence. A pragmatic solution for Investment Managers and Service Providers which engage us to complete an ODD review.
We target a 6-week turnaround, and our ODD process is significantly less onerous and time consuming compared to a data-heavy, sample-based controls audit. Clients need only allow for interviews with key staff, document provision and access to service providers for verification purposes. In addition to the below, we currently have a growing number of clients in progress.

  • Virtual Asset Service Provider: Copper Technologies (Switzerland) AG – please contact Adam Groom to request access to our March 2023 dated ODD Report
  • Investment Manager: Old Street Digital Limited – please contact Paul Ridley to request access to our April 2023 dated ODD Report
  • Investment Manager: Hyperion Decimus, LLC – please contact Chris Sullivan to request access to our March 2023 dated ODD Report

The benefits of delivering a range of ODD solutions

We see great benefit in the intellectual variety of ODD work we deliver. If all you do at the gym is use the exercise bike, you might find your bench press remains light… The variety of our work helps keep us, as a team, “match fit” and we constantly take new knowledge and experience, discuss with the team and apply going forward, combining with industry, regulatory and other macro events to ensure we remain on point in terms of the scope and depth of our ODD.

Ten client ‘workout’ examples so far this year:

1. Wealth Manager (UK)Monitoring of global Investment Managers (Hedge Funds), plus, on-demand Initial Reviews of new, shortlisted names.

2. Single Family Office (UAE)Targeted scope review of a Real Estate EU Investment Advisor (Luxembourg AIFM and Fund) currently invested with.

3. Investment Manager (US)Separately Managed Account (SMA) level reviews on target Investment Managers (all investment strategies and manager locations).

4. Fund of Funds (US) – Review of Investment Managers (Digital Asset Hedge Funds) targeted for Fund or SMA allocation.

5. Wealth Manager (UK) – Review of acquisition targets supporting M&A asset aggregation strategy.

6. Venture Capital firm (US) – Agreed scope review of a portfolio of underlying VC Investment Managers.

7. Investment Manager (UK) – Agreed scope vendor due diligence monitoring reviews.

8. Insurance Dedicated Funds Administrator (US) – Initial and ongoing monitoring Enhanced Background Checks.

9. Investment Manager (US)Therapy consulting for lending strategy Investment Manager.

10. Public Pension Plan (UK) – Reviews of target Investment Managers (Private Markets) for Fund allocation.

To find out more about our ODD solutions, please contact us here.